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PLEASE NOTE: we do not accept unsolicited apartment listings. Also, we already have a pretty decent plumber. Thanks for understanding, and thanks for watching!

Roommates OFFICIAL


  1. Anonymous

    Looking forward to new episodes. Will there be?

  2. Anonymous

    Love this show! When will new episodes be up?

    Also, I’m a social media manager and really see some strong potential for this show if more people just knew about it and its marketed to the right audience. I would love to create a social account on Instagram for the web series and get the show some exposure. I’d do it completely free, because I really like this series and want it to take off and I really think I can help. I could do a fan account but I just wanted to see if you’d thought about doing an official Instgram?

    Hope that doesn’t sounds creepy or anything, haha. I just would love to get some better content on TV and your show is right up my alley. I see this web series as having the potential to be comparable to “Broad City,” which has a huge fan base.

    Best of luck!

  3. bg

    I enjoyed each episode immensely , both Birdy and Elliot are very funny…..It’s nice to see a real show about real people with real problems and solutions, and not just another can of laughter to make people forget their gonna die some day…..

    PS Keep up Good Work.

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