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Greg and Fiona are unlikely roommates who, despite their generational differences, work together to navigate the ins and outs of life in an East Village apartment.


Starring: Greg Barris & Bridey Elliott

Created by: Greg Barris & Michael Pomranz

Written by: Greg Barris, Michael Pomranz & Bridey Elliott

Filmed and edited by: Jeremy Morris-Burke

Produced by: Greg Barris, Michael Pomranz & Jeremy Morris-Burke

Guest starring:  Taylor Ketchum, Jullian James Mohammad, Jeff Milton, Josh Bates, Tallie Medel, Ashley Brooke Roberts, Katie Henoch

Title design: Dima Drjuchin
Post production: Tinmouth Media
Music supervisor: Matt Kilmer
Original music: Pete Drungle and Matt Kilmer
Special thanks to: Josh Bates, Ari Fishman, Fiona Milton, Christy Karacas, Jules Manoogian, Stumptown Coffee

a No Applause Production (c) 2015

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